Your reality is their data

Please, be seated” the chairs were pulled out for Google’s Sergey Bring and Larry Page. They sat next to Jeff Bezo of Amazon and had Tim Cook of Apple and Bill Gates of Microsoft on the opposite side while Mark Zuckerberg sat at the short side of the table, dressed as always in his black hoodie.

It’s a dinner party for The Big Five.

They are rich beyond comprehension. Their aggregated market cap is more than two trillion dollars. Two. Thousands. Billions. Dollars. With exception of Cook, they are main owners of their companies.

It’s getting harder every day to find one single person in the whole world that does not use some of their services or products.

    Facebook: 1,5 billion users.
    Google: three billion searches a day.
    Apple: 100 billion apps downloaded from Appstore.

At the dinner party, which maybe or maybe not happened, sat the biggest concentration of power in history. The guest’s all have direct influence over the earth population. If data is the new oil of the digital age, the guest has monopoly on refining it.

The raw material – data – is on you. Google knows your thoughts, Amazon what you want to buy, Facebook who your friends are and Apple who you use to call and Microsoft tracks your mails. You provide the raw material. They make products of you.

They are getting closer. Wearable computers are hard- and software on your body. You are not only the product, you will be the user interface as well.

The Big Five have with Google Glass, Iwatch and alike literary got under the skin on their target groups. Your reality is their data. They use it to predict what you are up to next and figure out how they could sell that information to… whoever.

We are ok with this as the services are convenient comes free of charge, even if we deep inside understand that there is a price we have to pay.

What did they talk about on that dinner with the Big Five? We will never know. Is something they will not share. As they know its value.
Two.Thousand. Billion.