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sakari2Welcome to the homepage of Sakari Pitkänen. This site is mainly in Swedish. It’s a place where I keep some of my writing and occasionaly blog. Articles and posts are mostly about media. I’ve translated one here to give you an idea of what I write about.
And here’s another one which probably is interesting only for people with limited WordPress skills, like me.

Sakari Pitkänen.CV

· Then;

  • Journalist at various Swedish daily newspapers for 25 years. Editor In-Chief of Metro Sweden for ten years, during which it went from local newspaper to most read Swedish daily.
    Global editor at Metro International. Launched Metro newspapers in 10-12 countries all over the world.
    Senior consultant at Prime PR, one of the major agencies in Sweden.
    Vice President of Infopaq, Sweden’s largest media monitoring brand.


· Now: Consultant in media in the broad sense of the word.

· I have been involved in a number of digital projects of which some are still around while others is long gone. www.apotekhjartat.se, www.socialmediachart.com, www.olada.com are a few that are still live on the net.

· I am also working on two apps. TnD, which is a utlilty app for measuring Time and Distance. It will soon be in beta. Tyckare_se is an app that aggregates opinion pieces from Swedish printed press. I am developing these apps privately – and slowly.